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Bush Meat Processing Methods for Human Consumption

Bush Meat Processing Methods are simply the methods for processing Bush meat in order to to avoid contamination of the meant. This is the proper way bush meat needed to be processed for human consumption.

The following methods are used in the processing of bush meat for human consumption:

  1. Killing the animals.
  2. Light roasting for flavour; flaying (removal of hairs) and preparation for dissections.
  3. Beguiling or evisceration
  4. Cashing and brining (soaking in salt solution for preservation)
  5. Staking and
  6. Smoking (for dehydration and flavour).

When the bush meat is smoked dried, it could be used to prepare various delicacies such as bush meat pepper soup, slew and soup. The meat can also be eaten dry.

Another processing method for bush meat involves light roasting, degutting, washing and cooking to prepare a desired diet.

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