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Fish Diseases, Symptoms and Treatments

Fish Management

Fish is very sensitive to disease, so a careful fish farmer has to take note quick and also monitor the fish behavior in case of any strange change in the fish. In here I will be discussing four (4) main types of Fish diseases. They are;

1)      Bacterial Diseases

2)      Viral Diseases

3)       Fungal Diseases

4)      Parasitic Diseases

The Symptoms of bacterial disease in fish;

  1. Loss of appetite
  2. Reddish colour at the base of the fins
  3. Darker body on the surface

The symptoms of viral disease in fish;

  1. Swollen stomach
  2. Loos of appetite
  3. Peeling of the body surface.

The symptoms of fungal diseases in fish;

  1. Barbells will turn to white and be eaten up by the diseases.
  2. White spotted on the body
  3. Colour changes to ashes.

The symptoms of parasitic diseases in fish;

  1. Loss of appetite
  2. Peeling of the body surface
  3. Moving slowly on the surface of the water
  4. Clustering together at the edge of the pond.

Treatment and Drugs of Fish

Use any of the following drugs for the treatment of any of the above diseases but aquaseryi has been proved to be the best.

List of drugs for fish treatments;

  1. Aqua OTC drug
  2. Aqua seryl
  3. Aqua cure
  4. Fish grow
  5. Fish vita plus
  6. Vital fish

Method of Application and Dosage

Step 1.

Remove water from the pond so that the water can cover the fishes a little bit.

Step 2.

Mix 100g of the drug with small quantity of water and pour it into the pond

Step 3.

After 4 hours, you refill the water in the pond to the normal level

Note: Repeat this process for 5 consecutive days. If it persists, you try for more days.

Normal time to change water if disease(s) are detacted is 2 times a week

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