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I shall be listing the breeds of Poultry  and also a brief explanation about this breeds of Poultry here to every one understanding.

Breeds of Poultry:


  1. RHODE ISLAND REDS: Two varieties of this breed are
    1. Single comb and
    2. Rose comb.

The standard weight in kilogramme is 3.8 for cock, 3.0 for Hen; 3.4 for cockerel and 2.5 for Pullets. The colour of the egg is brown to dark brown.

  1. PLYMOUTH ROCE: Seven varieties of Plymouth Rocks, each distinguished by its plumage. They are;
    • Barred
    • White
    • Buff
    • Silver Penciled
    • Blue
    • Partridge
    • Columbian.

Mature birds weigh from 3.5 to 4.5kg

  1. New Hampshire: The breed is a good producer of large brown shelled eggs. The cock weigh 3.8kg, cockerel 3.4kg, Hen 2.7kg and Pullet 2.5kg.


  1. BRAHMA: Three varieties of breeds have been produced. This breeds are;
    • Light
    • Dark and
    • English breeds
  2. SUSSEX: Two varieties of Sussex breed axist and those are:
    • Light Sussex and
    • Red Sussex.

The standard weights in kg are: cock 4kg, Hen 3.1kg, Cockerel 3.4kg, and Pullet 2.7kg.

  1. AUSTRALORP: This has breed principally breed for egg production rather than meat production. The standard weight of Australorp in kg is cock3.8kg, hen 3.0kg, cockerel 3.4kg and pullet 2.5kg.
  2. ORPHINGTON: Four varieties exist, namely;
    • Buff
    • Black
    • White
    • Blue.


Mature birds of Australorp weighs from 4.5kg.

(C)   Mediterranean breeds:

  1. LEGHORN:  This is the world’s number one egg producer. Twelve varieties exist, but only three are popularly known.
    • Single comb white
    • Single comb buff and
    • Single comb light brown. Matured birds weigh form 2 to 2.7kg.
  2. MINORCA: The standard weight in kg : cock 4.1kg, cockerel 3.4kg, Hen 2kg, and pullet 2.8kg
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