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Cockerel Production, Type of Cockerel Breeds, Benefits of CockerelCockerel Production, Type of Cockerel Breeds, Benefits of Cockerel

Poultry farming in one of the lucrative farming enterprises in most countries in Agriculture sector. Poultry meat mainly comes from two sources: broilers and cockerel. The small poultry farmer prefers to rear cockerel than broiler because of low cost and lesser susceptibility to disease compared to broiler production.

Poultry Farming: Poultry Housing and EquipmentPoultry Farming: Poultry Housing and Equipment

The need for a Poultry Housing:- a)      Protection from other climatic extremes such as direct sun, wind, rain and even against theft and attack from natural enemies of the birds such as, fox, dog, cat, kite, snake, etc. The birds also should be protected against external parasites like ticks, lice, mice, etc.