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Functions of Water to Animals 2

Definition and Full Functions of Water to Animals

Water often is not thought as a nutrient even thought it clearly meet all definition as one.

Difference Between Water Turn-Over and Water Losses

There are great difference difference between Water Turn-Over and Water Losses. This page has explain in details on Water Turn-Over and Water Losses.

GAME FARMING | Importance & Advantages of Game Animals

Definion of GAME FARMING,  Game is any animal hunted for food or not normally domesticated. Game animal are also hunted for sport. The type and range of animals hunted for food vanes in different parts of

Goat Keeping in Tropics: The Importance of Goat Keeping, Goat Breeding

Introduction – The Importance of Goat Keeping Goats play an important role in food production systems in developing countries. Their great popularity can be explained by their good adap­tation to many different climates (ecological adaptation) and the many uses for which they can be kept.

ANIMAL BREEDING TECHNOLOGY: Objectives and Problems of Animal Breeding

Definition and Scope of Animal breeding :- Animal breeding is simply defined biologically as the mating or coupling process between male and female organism to reproduce the young. In this context it is a reproduction term. That is a layman’s understanding of the term. It has wider scope and meaning when considered in a more […]


Egg formation in the ovary: Eggs are formed in the reproduction tracts of the mature female bird. The tract consist of the ovary and oviduct. The yolk is formed in the ovary, while the albumen, shell  membranes and shell are formed in the oviduct.