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List of Top Biggest Farms in the World | Biggest Farm Ever

List of Top Biggest Farms in the World- Agricultural practices (rearing of animals and cultivation of crops) generally has been an occupation for as long as one could remember. It is one of the occupations which can never be redundant as it is the activity that produces foods and other raw materials needed for the daily survival of man.

List of Top Biggest Farms

The importance of agriculture makes it naturally stands the test of time and develop to fit the demand of the day. It is for this reason why there are lots of investment investments in it which gives birth to farms which are mostly small and large scale commercial agricultural firms. Most of these farms deal with either rearing animals or cultivating crops. We shall be showing some of the List of Top Biggest Farms in the World

From China to Australia to the USA to Germany and down to Nigeria, if you are to count numbers of commercial farms, you will surely count more than enough. So, isn’t necessary to know the ones that stand out of the thousands available? We think it is and we have gathered here the list of the top biggest farms in the world. Let’s go through it. Below is the List of Top Biggest Farms in the World;

1. Mudanjiang City Mega Farm

This is the largest farm in the world with a total area of 22,500,000 acres. It is 50 times larger than the largest dairy farm in Europe and has 100,000 dairy cows. Mudanjiang City Mega Farm footprint is approximately the same size as Portugal.

The farm is located in Heilongjiang, China and was established in 2015 as a response to the Russian ban on dairy products by the European Union. It produces 800 m litres of milk/year and is owned by Zhongding Dairy Farming and Severny Bur.

2. Modern Dairy

The second-largest firm in the world is Modern Diary which is located in Anhui, China and has a total area of 11,000,000 acres. It was established in 2005 and has 40, 000 heads of cows and produces 600 tones of milk/day. It used to be the largest farm before 2011 but suffered important market losses because accusations were made that the farm had sold cows positive with bovine tuberculosis.

3. Anne Creek Station

This six (6) million acres cattle farm is the third-largest farm in the world. It is located in South Australia, Australia. The farm was originally established in 1863 and started with sheep but due to losses, they switched to cattle farming. It has up to 16,500 Cattles and it is the largest producer of beef in the world. Anne Creek Station is currently owned by Williams Cattle Company.

4. Clifton Hills

The fourth-largest farm in the world is Clifton Hills and it is also the second-largest cattle station in the world. It is one of the first farms to use road transport as a means to deliver cattle, asides from rail transport.

Clifton Hills has a total area of 4,200,000 acres and is located in South Australia, Australia. There are 14,000 castles on the farm and it is owned by G and E. A. Brooks

5. Alexandria Farms

This fifth-biggest farm in the world is located in Northern Territory, Australia and was established in 1877. It covered a total area of 4,000,000 acres and has 55,000 castles which are major. It is majorly of Brahman, Belmont and Charbray breeds. Alexandria is being managed by 50 employees and it is owned by North Australian Pastoral Company.

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6. Davenport Downs

Davenport Downs is the sixth biggest farm in the world with a total area of 37 million acres. It is located in Queensland, Australia. It is a cattle farm just like most big farms in Australia with 29,000 castles, making it the fourth largest station in Australia. The farm is owned by Parkway Pastoral Company.

7. Home Valley

This is the seventh biggest farm in the world located in Western Australia, Australia and covers  3,500,000 acres of land. It is also a cattle farm with tonnes of cattle herds. Home Valley has been established in 1957 and is owned by Indigenous Land Corporation. The farm aside from being an agric farm is one of the famous holiday destinations.

8. Innamincka

The eighth biggest farm in the world is also located in Australia. Specifically, it is found in South Australia with a total area of 3,340,000 acres. Innamincka is a cattle farm with 13,000 herds of cattle. The farm has been operating since 1872 and is owned by S. Kidman & Co.

9. Wave Hill

Wave Hill is located in Northern Territory, Australia with a total area of 3,330,000 acres. This farm was established in 1883 with only 1,000 castles but currently has 50,000 castles. It is owned by Western grazing.

10. Marion Downs

This farm is in Queensland, Australia with a total area of 3,070,000 acres. It is also a cattle farm and has up to 15,000 castles. The farm is said to be easily managed and only 15 employees can manage it. It is owned by the North Australian Pastoral Company.


Australia used to be having the biggest farms in the world but it has been overtaken by China farms. Most of the biggest farms are mostly cattle farms which produce beef and milk majorly. If this article has been beneficial to you, kindly drop a comment below or if you have any questions regarding the List of Top Biggest Farms in the World, please, drop a comment below as well.


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