What is Agricbusiness | Definition and Benefits of Agricbusiness

WHAT IS AGRICBUSINESS? – Agribusiness is very unique because it prepares one for employment in the area such as food industry, in which there are more jobs than applications. Consider food service, with its innovative ideas in marketing or the international sector and opportunities for export and production abroad. To be a part of this industry, […]

Problem of Livestock Marketing And How to Promote Livestock

Problem of Livestock Marketing And How to Promote Livestock – Unfortunately the important role expected to be played by livestock marketing is not being played because of the following interrelated problems:

Basic Knowledge of Management Functions in Agriculture

Management Functions – Basically, the management functions include planning, implementation and control. These are usually considered to be the three primary functions of management.

Managerial Effectiveness | Factors Affecting Managerial Effectiveness

Managerial effectiveness is measured by the degree at which the manger achieves his business objectives. The difficulty in this type of measure is that of finding an  objective  measurement  instrument. 

The Steps For Setting of Business Objectives

Setting of Business Objectives in Agriculture is very important.  The first move of the farm manager is to establish the goals and objectives of the business. Whoever owns the business sets the goals and objectives. If it is a business that is jointly owned, the owners set the goals and objectives.

The Agricultural Marketing Idea – Origin of the Marketing Idea

What is The Marketing Idea? Marketing is a fundamental element in any relationship    between two beings. Every component of nature has a way of marketing itself. Hence,   some people regard marketing as having begun with the earliest man and thus, the oldest profession in the world.