Problem of Livestock Marketing And How to Promote Livestock

Problem of Livestock Marketing And How to Promote Livestock – Unfortunately the important role expected to be played by livestock marketing is not being played because of the following interrelated problems:

Problem of Livestock Marketing

a. Poor Mode of Transport and Communication Network:

The livestock producers, majority of whom lives and farm in the rural area are faced with bad network of roads and lack of information compared to the their counterpart of industrial goods producers.

b. Inadequate Processing Packages and Storage Facilities:

The predominate mode of processing and storage of livestock products is traditional at the farm level. Thus, the added-value expected due to the change of form and time is not realized. Lack of transport/communication system creates wide variation between farm gate prices, primary market prices, feeder market prices and the central or terminal market prices. Consequently, the livestock producers loose the income that could have accrued to them as a result of lost added-value.

c. Lack of Producers Organization and Malpractices in Livestock Market:

The livestock producers are not properly constituted in co-operatives or groups which have power (political or otherwise) to bargain for better prices for their products. At all levels of the distribution channels of livestock products (retail, wholesaler, farm gate) the various levels of government (mostly local and State) impose one form of levy or tax or the other for inspection of livestock products. These malpractices increase their cost of production and reduce income to them.

d. Lack of Access to Finance Market:

Livestock farmers do not have access to formal credit institutions for cheaper and better credit facilities. They are often forced to patronize lend and who subject them to exploitation.

e. Government Policy :

In so many occasion when a new government is installed things change around either positively or negatively.

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