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List of Pig Feed Ingredients

When it comes to the rearing of animals like Pig, you should know that sourcing their feed ingredients should be the first thing to consider and a farmer.  And as a pig farmer, you have to always work with measurements because pigs are never satisfied, yet they grow faster and remains a highly prolific animal.

Unlike Rabbit, chicken and fish farming, every common person will be able to formulate a good feed for pigs because their major ingredients are common. But still stressing on measurements, cos that is the knowledge some lack.

As a Pig farmer you should be interested in your Pigs:

  • Gaining Weight
  • Less/No mortality

That is the reason you need a good feed to provide to them, including a conducive environment. Simple as that!

Here is List of Major Pig Feed Ingredients

  • PKC 1st Crush and PKC 2nd Crush
  • Brewery Waste:  This is the most important and most easy to source for (contact me on +2348032934651 if you need in large quantity). It’s cheap and easy to get. Some brewery gives it out for free before now, but after they known the importance then it added as a source of income to them too. But very affordable.
  • Cassava Peels
  • Molasses: Molasses is also a good feed ingredient you can use for the pig, but you don’t have to kill yourself if you can’t lay your hands on it. Your Pig farm can still do well if you provide other feed (Cassava Peels, Brewery waste and PKC).
  • Bone Meal: The Bone Meal could be very expensive to get it in a large quantity. Therefore your feed formulation using Bone Meal will depend on what ingredient is available and the size/weight of pigs.
  • Blood Meal: same applies here.


But most times when Pigs gets to a particular stage in their life you don’t have to spend much on Bone and blood meal, including Molasses. You can visit big farms around they only use those ingredients for Piglets and the Sow during her gestation (pregnancy) period, to keep her and the piglets’ health.

There are factors you MOST take very necessary with is the quantity of feed you supply to your pigs. If you want to know more about “Feed formulation for Pigs” then click here.

However, those “List of Pig Feed Ingredients” listed above are the cheapest feed you can get.  You can also add the banner/plantain leaves, it’s good for their health.


Please feel free to ask your question and I will give you a reply, or is there anything you do not understand or challenges you are facing in your farm then share in the comment box below.


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